Paws for the Cause, here I come!

Great news!  I’ve been invited to sell my decals on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at the Paws for the Cause event at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia!  Hundreds of dogs and their owners will be there participating in a one-mile dog walk to raise money for cancer research.  100% of the proceeds that I earn from this day’s sales will be donated to Paws for the Cause.  I am very excited to attend this event in honor of my wonderful Grandma Maddy, who died over 2 years ago from breast cancer.

Please come out to see me and support this great cause.  Event details can be found at


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Horsham Patch Article About My Project!

How cool is this? Horsham Patch wrote an article about me and my project! I really hope this generates more sales! More sales means more money for the animals! 🙂

Click on the link below to check it out.

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My decals are available for sale at Cutter’s Mill Pet Store!

Great news!  Cutter’s Mill Pet Store in Chalfont, PA, has purchased 50 decals to sell in their store!  I am so grateful for their support!  A very special thank you to Rich Golden for helping me out.

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PetSmart Event

Today I went to another Petsmart adoption event. There were cute puppies, all named after United States Presidents! In fact, I was at the transport when these puppies arrived, just days old, in a crate with their Mom.  I was surprised how big they grew since I last saw them and was so proud and happy to play with them while they were waiting for their new families to arrive!

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My First Transport

Today I went to my first transport.  The van pulled up with 21 dogs from Mississippi.  The doors opened, revealing crates upon crates stacked up from the floor to the ceiling of the van.  Each person who was there was asked to take care of one dog.  All of the dogs were scared and some of the dogs wouldn’t even come out of their crates!  The dog I was assigned was shaking and it wouldn’t walk.  I had to pick it up and carry it to its crate.  I then found another dog that was a striped dachshund.  I was only able to hold her for a little while because the people who adopted her had come!  I was happy to see that she had a nice, loving home.  I saw a 3rd dog who wouldn’t eat and I was asked to help him.  I carefully climbed into the crate with him and hand fed him.  He was the cutest little dog and I was sad to hear that nobody had adopted him yet.

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The PetSmart Event

Today was an adoption event at PetSmart. They had dogs of all different sizes, genders, colors, and personalities.  I thought the event was pretty successful. Three dogs were adopted to loving homes.  Before the dogs were adopted everyone got to hold one on a leash and take care of it. I can’t wait to the next event!

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My First Day Volunteering

My friend Connor and I meeting Spatch.

Today was my first day of volunteering. All of the people are very nice and they are glad to accept any help that they can get. I helped set up all of the tables, the crates, and the things that they were going to sell. Then they brought the dogs in. This event was not a big one so, there were only a few dogs but, I did fall in love with a dog named Spatch. Spatch was a dog that was in and out of homes. He just could not find a home that could take care of all his needs! Spatch is a mix of different kinds of dogs. His mom was a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle and his dad was a Rottweiler/Boxer. He has long blond hair with a huge face that looks like a big, fuzzy bear (look in the picture above) and his back half is short blond hair.  He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He is shy at first but once he gets  to know you, he sits there and lets you pet him. I really wanted to take him home with me but then we found out that he is not good with male dogs and I have a male dog at home. I hope Spatch finds a good foster/real home with people who love him and care for him. Even though I can’t take Spatch home with me I certainly plan on visiting him in future volunteering events.

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