My First Transport

Today I went to my first transport.  The van pulled up with 21 dogs from Mississippi.  The doors opened, revealing crates upon crates stacked up from the floor to the ceiling of the van.  Each person who was there was asked to take care of one dog.  All of the dogs were scared and some of the dogs wouldn’t even come out of their crates!  The dog I was assigned was shaking and it wouldn’t walk.  I had to pick it up and carry it to its crate.  I then found another dog that was a striped dachshund.  I was only able to hold her for a little while because the people who adopted her had come!  I was happy to see that she had a nice, loving home.  I saw a 3rd dog who wouldn’t eat and I was asked to help him.  I carefully climbed into the crate with him and hand fed him.  He was the cutest little dog and I was sad to hear that nobody had adopted him yet.

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